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Heritage Home Mayagundi
By Anupama on December 12, 2018
Cock fight in Terracotta. By Terracotta artist Venki Palimar at Chitralaya Art gallery

This heritage home at Mayagundi looks picture perfect. And when you see a glimpse of this beautiful organic home by Mr. Krishnamoorthy Bhat you will totally agree with me. Built entirely from salvaged building materials of demolished and old homes, this reflects his love for all that is old and precious.

Coconut shell Artist Venkatraman Bhat
By Anupama  on November 29, 2018.
Fluid Movements inspired by Nature and Wildlife

In this artist’s hands, the discarded coconut shells take a life and form you could only imagine. Venkatraman Bhat is a self taught artist who has chosen this humble medium to express himself. Right from Gods to poems, you can find them all in coconut shells.

Girija Hariharan @2flatbrush
By Anupama  on May13, 2018
Fluid Movements inspired by Nature and Wildlife

Girija @2flatbrush is a techie turned self-taught artist. Her journey as a full fledged artist began three year ago when she chucked her IT career of more than 13 years. Her empathy for the less privileged children, love for colours and fascination with larger than life murals are some glimpses we have here. It is only when you meet Girija in person that you will feel her passion for life. This is a small attempt to capture her essence.

Cherial Art
By Anupama  on April 2, 2018
Fluid Movements inspired by Nature and Wildlife

Cherial is a mere 100 kilometers from Hyderabad but relatively unknown. Inspite of having a rich cultural heritage of art and craft, it is only now coming to the attention of the world. Discover the beautiful and elaborate scroll paintings on khadi cloth, masks and dolls made from natural materials.

Vidya Vox
By Anupama  on March 16, 2018.
Fluid Movements inspired by Nature and Wildlife

Well, what would you do if you had a blog and loved Vidya Vox? Ask her for an interview off course! Un-edited and from the heart, I had sooo many questions and here are Vidya’s answers. She has been generous in sharing her struggle, the doubts, the hard work and the secret to her success. She has followed her soul’s calling. And you can too.

By Anupama on March 15, 2018.
Preethi Prabhu Design studio

What’s your ‘calling’ in life? Are you doing something you love or just plodding through the day wishing it would just get over? Read on for some inspiration.

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