Collaboration – Together, the possibilities
are endless.

1. Readers

If you have done up your home integrating traditional elements with the contemporary setup or if you are living surrounded by and with our heritage then do look me up. I would love to feature you and your home in my space.

2. Freelance writing

If you are looking for a writer who is passionate about the rich colours, the beautiful textiles, heritage buildings, traditional arts and crafts, travel….all of this and more, that is India, your search ends here. Connect with me if you have any writing assignments for magazines, newspapers, websites or blogs on India centric topics.

3. Sponsor

If you have a great product or services related to tradition, indigenous art or craft, I would love to review it and write a post for my readers. This is a paid collaboration, but my review will be honest.

4. Bloggers

Though I have been bitten by the blogging bug very recently, I would love to work with bloggers in home decor, designing space or any other flavour as long as we have a common connection on memories, culture, tradition or heritage.

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