About Me

Hi, I am Anupama, artist, teacher and host at Strings of heritage holiday home in Mangalore.

With the passage of time, I see a change not just in myself as a person, but also that which I define as my work. I keep evolving and my introduction here is a reflection of the ever-evolving phase that I am in.

I have always been a jack of all trades. Done this, done that and everything else in between. I have worked in the financial sector, the educational sector and am now an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry.

But my fascination with art and culture has always been a part of me. In the last decade, my life has been my canvas and I have become a life change artist. Where I am creating a life of joy, colours and abundance, following my passion. As an artist and teacher, my endeavour is to help you appreciate and express your creativity. Through this blog, it is my attempt to encourage the artist, the artisan, the entrepreneur and pass on all that is beautiful to all those who pass by.

About Strings of Heritage

A holiday home in Mangalore

Strings of Heritage encompasses my work as an artist, writer, teacher and host. It is a blog documenting my experience and interactions with artists and artisans, places which inspire me and may be an inspiration for you as well. It will be a place for workshops hosted by me and in collaboration with other artists, online as well as offline.

The holiday home is in the first floor of Prabhu Mansion and the third floor is my home studio. The home studio is a place for art and clay play.