Welcome to this space I call my own… Let me introduce you to Strings Of Heritage.

This space is dedicated to all that spells heritage to us…not just me, but to all of us….our special possession, our inheritance and that which is handed down from the past, as a tradition… indigenous arts, crafts and all that calls our hearts….
Though predominantly Indian, can we really limit ourselves….as we move away from our homeland, we become part of the culture we move to..we evolve, we assimilate and become more than when we started..this space is about our past, our present and the future..this fusion that we see everywhere, of the modern and the traditional. Of memories, treasures from the attic, grandmother’s tales, heirlooms, antiques, travel souvenirs- tales, stories of beginnings and reviews on stores..it is about integrating our modern lifestyle with the traditional elements and the people who believe in this, who work on this and live by this….let’s pass it on..

Contact Me: stringsofheritage@gmail.com