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A long break from writing…and not by design let me tell you. Immediately after Diwali I was all set to share my Diwali with all of you. But that weekend my friend who visited me told me to start immediately with the school hunting for my child and I was already late. And lone week on, there’s not much in terms of progress. At this rate, I think my child is destined for home schooling. So this school thing has been messing my life real time. I just could not sit still and write. But I have realised that life has to go on… so today I have chucked the worry under the carpet and decided to tell you all about my Diwali.

It is such a lovely festival…a favourite with everyone. Even one week on, we see that Facebook and Instagram are still lighted up with images from Diwali. Diwali conjures up images of Diyas, flowers, sparklers, new clothes, yummy sweets, a lot of laughter, get-togethers and all things nice.

Diwali Decor

Diwali Decor. Pic Credit –  Preethi Prabhu

This Diwali was really special for me as it was all about feeling good. I intentionally decided to light up from within. You know I am a great gal…but I have a very bad habit of hoarding. To the point that when my friend sent the carpenter for repairs and some changes, we did not have to buy a thing….I had everything he needed! Well times like these I feel good about my hoarding habit…but what about all the 364 days…even I was fed up with the clutter. This Diwali was a time for resolutions and changes. And how! I am so super pleased, I can’t stop smiling.

7 Tips for a clutter free home from a novice

  1. All that needs to be sorted has to be boxed and labelled. Keep it in storage, go through in phases and clear it. I used to have it lying around, until I got down to sorting and it was so messy I couldn’t think and felt like a failure just looking around my home.
Nooks for display- Diwali decor

Nooks for display

  1. A gallery wall- this one’s a gem. Preethi Prabhu from Transforminions helped me do a gallery wall and style my work space. Until then, I did not appreciate the wonderful collection that I had of paintings, masks and displays. It was only when it was arranged and put up that I could feel the impact. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has no reservations about nails. This one took some cajoling and convincing as my hubby was totally against drilling the wall. But it’s all worthwhile… especially when I see it every day. First measure the wall and arrange it on the floor. Only when you are happy with the arrangement go for the wall and the drilling machine (This gyan is from Preethi. Hop over to her blog to check out interesting DIYs in home decor)
Gallery wall for Diwali

Gallery wall for Diwali

Gallery wall for Diwali

Gallery wall for Diwali

Gallery wall for Diwali

Gallery wall for Diwali

  1. Those repairs…my kitchen was in dire need of a carpenter. A drawer had caved in, a cupboard door had come off and it was a catastrophe waiting to happen. I got those fixed and so many items went to their rightful places. A stitch in time saves nine…so true!
A corner in my Kitchen - Diwali decor

A corner in my Kitchen

  1. Less is more…this one’s a real treasure.  My display nooks which were cramped with collectibles were also contributing to the overall chaos. So these spaces were first cleaned up and just two large pieces were assigned in each nook instead of the earlier six or seven. This brought in a sense of calm.
Less is more Diwali decor

Less is more. Pic Credit – Preethi Prabhu

  1. A place for everything and everything in its place. Let me not go over the top. I am still working on this one. In fact, I am still “a work in progress” where being clutter free is concerned. But I work on it every day in small ways. So I am sure I will get there one day.
The Foyer Diwali decor for positive vibes

The Foyer

  1. Just don’t buy it. Resist and resist. I don’t think our ancestors ever had this problem of clearing clutter. For one thing this consumerism is the bane of our generation and the next. We tend to buy even before we think it out. So hold your horses before you splurge.
My work space for diwali

My work space for diwali

  1. Share and gift. Sometimes we end up with a lot of things that we bought say in a sale. I especially do this with handicrafts and home decor items. I had three dhokra wall hangings which I had bought and never used. This time we gifted two of them to the people we loved. Look around you…I am sure you will find something to gift or share.

Diwali décor from my home

For me it was all about going clutter free. How was it for you? What was your focus? 

Clutter free Diwali decor

Clutter free Diwali decor

I also needed a pleasing space to work in. So I happily got a lively shade of blue. Not one but four shades in small 200 ml boxes. This was the first time I tried painting a wall and I should say that it was wonderful. Though I wanted to do an ombre wall, that is four shades in gradation, when I saw the last shade, I so loved it that I made waves with this shade all over. What do you think? How’s it come? Then it was time to style it with a bookshelf, that I already had elsewhere (I just moved it to my blue wall) and a pin up board. Tada…
Diwali decor - An inspiring workspace

Diwali decor

DIY Pin up board– I had seen an ikat fabric covered pin up board in Preethi’s office (You can see her office tour here) and that was when I decided I wanted a custom made one. Half pin up and half black board. I already had this board from Amazon. Preethi and me brainstormed on how to achieve the look I wanted. It was a pin up on one side and a black board on the other.  After removing the frames, we cut up the black board halfway and a foam sheet (I already had this!) was replaced, covered with a kakamkari cloth (I was supposed to get a kurti made out of it). This was all glued together and the frames replaced…lo and behold I got this one-of-a-kind pin up cum black board. You could try this…let me know how it turns out.
Diwali decor

The Sandalwood box from my granny resting on the cash box belonging to my hubby’s grandfather

Diwali involving kids– I want my child to feel a sense of involvement in all the festivals. So from last year, Diwali is the time to buy earthen Diyas in varied shapes, sizes and paint them in different hues. It’s a favourite bonding activity for both of us. Then she gifts them to her friends, my friends and relatives. We also use some…so each one of my Diya is unique and we light it with a sense of pride. And yes you can do it by yourself or with your spouse. Children are just an excuse to bring out the child in us.
Diwali - Diyas in different shapes and colours

Diyas in different shapes and colours

Also the savouries and snacks that I prepare, I enlist her help and she is all of five. But she loves that she gets to do something as important as laddoos and cut through for shankarpalis. In fact we are so used to doing things in one way, we stop thinking about them. My five year old wanted pyramids and smileys in her laddoos and that is exactly what she did. And off course I also got a Diwali Hamper from Sinful slices…they make the yummiest cakes and desserts.
Diwali - Rava laddoos or pyramids or smileys?

Rava laddoos or pyramids or smileys?

Diwali Hamper from Sinful Slices

Diwali Hamper from Sinful Slices

Even after so many days past Diwali, the glow of Diwali remains. It remains in my soul and my home because I intended for this Diwali to light my life from within. Try it for yourself, Diwali was just an excuse…and don’t forget to tell me about it.

Lots of Twinkles to all of you.


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